When is Kentico the Right Solution for Your Business?

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An Interview With James Fraser, Head of Business Development

When recommending a CMS to our clients, we always consider whether it is the right solution, not just for them, but also for their customers. The team at NetConstruct have been building websites in Kentico since 2008 and as one of our preferred CMS platforms, it has helped us deliver hundreds of powerful websites. We sat down with James, Head of Business Development at NetConstruct to chat about the challenges Kentico has helped our clients overcome and the benefits of using this platform.

When is Kentico the Right CMS Solution?

Kentico is suited to organisations looking to do more than just “build a website”. If your business involves events, if your website needs a customer portal or if you just want to embrace the innovative marketing tools that are talked about in the industry, that’s when an enterprise solution like Kentico can help. Additionally, the software can also provide a good level of eCommerce making it an ideal balance for businesses who need to cover both areas.

How Can Kentico Help Businesses Succeed in Today’s Digital World?

By leveraging the core functionalities that exist out of the box, Kentico offers a faster route to market as not everything needs to be built from scratch. Organisations are becoming increasingly tired of having to rebuild their website every three, four or five years. When you’re looking for a scalable and long-lasting solution, which is a necessity today, you need to consider a more sophisticated CMS. For example, WordPress is ideal for small, simple websites but becomes bloated over time if you’re having to plug in a range of features in order to create the desired experience. As a result, it’s likely you’re going to need a rebuild in a shorter space of time.

Kentico on the other hand, is equipped at powering a large number of high-end and large B2B & B2C sites where extensibility, scalability and integration are all key requirements. It lends itself to organisations who want to scale and are looking for longevity. We have a number of clients including LCCIRyobi and Marshalls that demonstrate this. So, if you’re going through a period of Digital Transformation, experience scalability issues or looking to future proof your digital presence, then Kentico is worth considering.

What are the Benefits of a Business Choosing Kentico?

There’s a combination of factors that makes Kentico beneficial for many businesses, these include their comparable low-entry level pricing, ease of use for brands and its out-of-the-box capabilities. Firstly, Kentico is incredibly open and transparent about their licence costs. This is uncommon within the enterprise CMS sector as many other providers don’t even list their licence prices on their websites.

As well as being transparent, Kentico also offers users access to a range of marketing tools through its Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS). Features include support for digital experience management, workflows, online communities, analytical features and digital marketing functionalities such as A/B Testing, Personalisation and Marketing Automation. This allows marketeers to begin improving user experiences and conversions within the same software. Typically, these kinds of features would usually have to be purchased in addition to, and plugged into, the site in order to use it. Kentico gives you access to a wealth of marketing tools already built in the platform.

Now more than ever, organisations are focused on ensuring business continuity. This is yet another benefit of using Kentico as it’s such a widely adopted CMS.There are many experienced Kentico partners all over the world. Choosing Kentico ensures you have options should you decide to move away from your existing partner or provider. Having a strong community and partner network behind the platform gives you options if you want to switch.

Reinforcing their industry position, for four years running, Kentico has been named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. This Quadrant helps businesses find the most suitable CMS to suit their needs. With both Kentico EMS and Kentico Kontent, the software offers high value for money in comparison to other provider offerings on the market. Built primarily with an enterprise audience in mind, Kentico seeks to address issues of performance, security and scalability making it all the more appealing for clients.

If you want to learn more about Kentico and find out if it could be the right solution for your website challenges, contact the team today.

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