What is Kentico Kontent? 

Kentico’s headless offering, ‘Kentico Kontent’, provides the freedom to build powerful cross-channel experiences by de-coupling content control from the front-end user interface. Fast becoming the industry standard for future-proofing and streamlining content creation, headless CMS’ encourage cross-team collaboration. 

Splitting out the front-end and back-end development functions allows for real-time collaboration between marketing teams and developers. Working on content creation and development simultaneously, a ‘headless’ approach improves development and delivery timescales. 

Features of Kentico Kontent

Flexible Development

Integrating with a range of development platforms, Kentico Kontent acts as a multi-tenant SaaS, delivering the back-end performance, security and upgrades you need.

Responsive Deployment

As the way we digest content evolves, the need for responsive development increases. Kentico Kontent acts as a dynamic content hub, delivering engaging and responsive experiences across multiple channels. 

Cross-Team Collaboration

Developers and marketers can work side-by-side on content editing and development. With an intuitive user interface, stakeholders from across the business can all contribute.  

Content First

Providing a centralised solution enables content-editors to work separately to development, writing, uploading and editing content directly to Kentico in blocks that pull through to the website.  

Media Library

Backed by a CDN, Kentico Kontent’s media library provides a singular solution to manage all of your media efficiently. 

Benefits of Kentico Kontent

  • A single content repository for an omnichannel approach  
  • Higher flexibility with faster development and deployment speeds  
  • No upgrade path to worry about 
  • Create content in parallel with development, allowing for greater efficiency and project management  
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the JAMstack and launch a website with unbeatable performance, higher security and distributed delivery 
  • Futureproof your technology stack by making it API first and therefore easier to refresh the design without having to re-implement the whole CMS  
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