Founded in 2015, Salary Finance partner with employers across the UK to provide financial products such as loans, advances, savings and financial education to thousands of employees. Tailoring their services to individual circumstances, they strive to create a more positive relationship with money through financial wellbeing.

With an aim to improve their B2C offering, Salary Finance needed to better understand their audience and translate their brand onsite through an accessible user journey. Approaching NetConstruct to fulfil this requirement and rebuild their WordPress website on Umbraco, we carried out extensive user research to clarify and strengthen their onsite B2C offering.

The Project

Salary Finance wanted to stand out in their market, creating an onsite B2C experience vastly different from those seen within the finance industry on the whole. Having recently undergone a large rebrand exercise, Salary Finance wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their users to ensure an accessible, user friendly and relatable website.

Tackling the design and build of their new site, we were also brought onboard to complete substantial user research to craft true to life personas which could be leveraged to support their onsite brand messaging.

With many stakeholders to consider, Salary Finance required a site that would not only add value to their customers, but their internal teams too including marketing, development and integrations.

The Solution

Umbraco was the platform of choice thanks to its flexibility, ease of use and the ability for multiple content editors to work on the site at the same time. Coupled with no license fee, it was the ideal upgrade from WordPress for the Salary Finance team. 

Implementing a heavy research phase and UX workshop, we really got to grips with who Salary Finance and their audience are. Involving multiple stakeholders from their different teams, we better understood their customers enabling us to map out a more desirable user journey

The user research further evolved their new brand and informed the onsite design. We translated their user journey onsite to ensure a seamless and fluid experience. Bright, friendly illustrations created with Salary Finance’s graphic design agency now reflect the persona research and have been placed at the forefront of the new site’s design. Featuring individuals carrying out everyday tasks such as holidays and family life, we succeeded in communicating Salary’s Finance’s friendly proposition.

For a faster build time, the project followed a content-first approach. This meant the majority of content was provided by the client early on within the project able to be used during the design phase. This ensured designs which were fit for purpose and could truly did justice to how Salary Finance’s content is displayed.

“I would unequivocally recommend NetConstruct and in particular Antony Church and his team that worked on this project. It's rare that everything goes to plan in a project. The true worth of the team and delivery partner is what happens when things go wrong. NetConstruct were faultless when it came to dealing with difficulties, it’s the one thing that I look for – and NetConstruct have simply been the best partner that I have worked with. The proof of the pudding is when you see the website and compare it to the previous one. Our engagement stats are through the roof – it was an exceptional result because it was delivered by an exceptional team. Thank you Antony and the NetConstruct Team!”

- Dhiren Master, Chief Marketing Officer, Salary Finance

The Outcome

Successfully launching a site which embodies the new Salary Finance brand, their B2C audience now benefits from an easy to navigate, simple user journey which has already delivered impressive results:

  • 20% increase in conversions
  • 293% increase in average page sessions

We continue to work with Salary Finance on a retainer basis with the next phase involving the amalgamation of their two websites to make the user journey an even more seamless one.  

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