Launching your website is just the starting point of our partnership with you. We’re dedicated to maintaining, evolving and continuously improving your website past go-live.

Our designers, developers and support desk remain close to each project post-launch. Backed by a client services team, we work with you to provide improvements to futureproof your site.

Support Desk

We understand that ongoing support and maintenance is needed, and our helpdesk team can provide just that. Allowing us to be more responsive and take action fast, you can simply submit a support ticket or pick up the phone when guidance is needed. We can help you with bug fixes, site improvements and ongoing CMS support.

Retainers & Continuous Improvements

You need a solution that’s not only going to support your business today but in the years to come.

With a clear understanding of your challenges, we’re on hand to make recommended improvements and iterative changes that ensure your website continues to deliver great results.

A retainer plan allows us to take a ‘little and often’ approach. Whether its UX changes, new features and functionality, fixes, upgrades or performance measures, retainers are an effective way to implement continuous improvements in line with your vision.

Our retainer plans typically include:

  • Allocated time in the production schedule for work to be completed, allowing for full timescale visibility and prioritisation.
  • The support of an account manager to plan and maintain development alongside regular planning calls to determine the work that needs to be carried out in the next production slot.

With a monthly roadmap of developments, you can control the investment in your website and channel budget towards the work that will provide the greatest return to your business.

Phased Approach

We’re flexible in our way of working, from the first interaction with you through to the development and build.

Phasing allows us to prioritise go-live essentials, ensuring an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is delivered before following up with the ‘nice to have’ elements.

Using a sprinted approach can help to get the most out of your budget, spread the cost, prioritise tasks, test and maintain quality control and identify further project phases or tasks not previously considered.

Staying In Touch

Communication is key which is why we encourage ongoing discussion. Whether it be your regular progress call or the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting to discuss future developments, we make it a priority to keep you informed.

Our client services team is only a phone call or email away, available to discuss further developments, suggestions and provide guidance.

Training Your Team

We’re not satisfied until your internal team have the know-how and skills to properly maintain your website.

As well as bespoke training by our developers to really get the most from your CMS, refresher training is also offered for new team members. Following these training sessions, bespoke user guides are created documenting how to use the CMS, empowering your team to take back control of your website.

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