Created by marketing experts, Wired Plus is a UK-based SaaS email marketing automation platform dedicated to solving the challenges marketers face. Turning marketing stress into success, their platform combines intelligent technology with expert know-how, empowering marketers to make better marketing decisions. 

With ambitious growth plans in place, Wired Plus needed a website that would do their platform justice, support their future objectives and put them back in control of their website. Combining a headless CMS solution with our extensive web development expertise, we built a site that hit every objective in just eight weeks.  

The Project

Limited by their previous site, Wired Plus were unable to showcase the breadth of their platform. They wanted a vibrant and engaging website that would highlight their proposition, extensive platform functionality and the expertise within their team. Keen to leverage the latest in CMS solutions, Wired Plus wanted a flexible site that would support their growing business long into the future.

With the designs already complete, NetConstruct was chosen as their web build partner based on our experience, proposed tech stack and the ability to meet their deadline.

The Solution

Adapting the site designs to support a headless approach to development, we broke the designs down into content models, identifying approximately 40-50 individual components that would make up the build.

To create a visually engaging and impactful site, design elements that would lend themselves to animation were identified. With the tight project timescale in mind, to bring the site to life we utilised Framermotion’s library to build up animations in code to achieve a high-quality, polished finish in a shorter period of time.

With Kentico’s headless offering, Kentico Kontent, we were able to keep the code structure and content separate for simultaneous development of the visual user interface and site functionality. Gatsby was used to build the site with content sourced via the Kontent plugin.

Leveraging Kentico Kontent, the Wired Plus team were able to enter content as early as two weeks into the build. The platform also provides them with future flexibility and scalability, allowing significant on-page changes and additions to be made without the need for development time.

The Outcome

The chosen tech stack has been attributed to the success and speed of the website build, with the project being marked as the smoothest one yet from both a client and team perspective. The tools used and approach taken minimised back and forth between the teams throughout the project, creating a collaborative and efficient working environment with less scope for bugs and issues.

The result? A flexible, manageable and visually impactful site. This headless solution has empowered the Wired Plus team and they’re able to continue adapting the website as their business continues to evolve.

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