Over the years, medical waste management business, Stericycle, has transformed from a small start-up to an industry leader across complex and highly regulated arenas. Offering sustainability waste services, brand protection solutions and customer contact solutions, they cater for a wide range of clients. However, Stericycle’s website didn’t reflect their domineering market position. A new website was a necessity to highlight their growing proposition and support their business as it scales. That’s where we could help.  

The Project

Increasing lead generation and giving Stericycle’s brand reputation a boost was an overarching goal. The brand has a clear ambition to be known as an industry expert, catering for a wide range of clients from small businesses through to the NHS.  

Beginning with research, UX workshops and content modelling were conducted enabling us to define key page templates and content requirements. As Stericycle need the capability of using their website as a sales support tool, we created a considered content strategy that would help drive recruitment while supporting the user experience.  

The Solution

The content modelling led to a more effective design process. We mapped what content was needed and where it would be positioned on each page, meaning the client could create content in advance that would fit seamlessly with that page. As a result, project delays were prevented, amends were reduced, and delivery was achieved on time. Using this content-first approach, we were able to build in components. These adaptable components accommodate their content as opposed to building static templates and layouts. This brought elements to life across the website such as the use of the circle – a key part of their new branding.  

Building in Kentico 12 MVC, a more sophisticated search functionality was introduced, using typehead search to deliver relevant content and search results to the user to drive lead generation. Using Kentico local indexing, pages were grouped by type, allowing users to quickly search for and access relevant content. To support Stericycle’s international offering, we leveraged Kentico’s built-in multilingual capabilities, extending them to meet their bespoke needs.   

Stericycle wanted to integrate with their Salesforce CRM allowing them to act on leads efficiently. Working alongside their internal IT team, we ensured the CMS and CRM could communicate.  

The Outcome

Through considered research, design and development, we delivered a better online experience for Stericycle’s clients. Users receive relevant content containing expert information and support which, in turn, has boosted engagement and lead generation. A website redesign has successfully reflected the client’s market-leading position in an online space. 

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