A Kentico customer for nearing eight years, Ryobi has operated a non-transactional Xperience website - until now. Leaning on us for support as their long-term web partner, we launched Ryobi’s first eCommerce store within an ambitious eight-month deadline that coincided with TV advertising and product promotion launch activities.

The Project

This project marked the beginning of Ryobi’s direct-to-consumer eCommerce journey, opening their business up to new sales channels and a wealth of opportunities. 

Following a competitive pitch that also considered Magento, Ryobi’s confidence in Kentico prevailed. With the availability of extensive eCommerce capabilities, its flexibility and ease of integration, Kentico Xperience remains the ideal platform choice, able to support their next growth phase. 

With a total of 26 non-transactional Kentico cultures in place, the most predominant challenge was the requirement to initially launch just one eCommerce store without the need of disruptive replatforming or impact on their further 25 Kentico cultures. 

Alongside this, a strict deadline of just eight months was set, with go-live coinciding with Ryobi’s investment in launch activities including TV advertising and product promotions.

The Solution

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of Kentico and its eCommerce capabilities, online shopping features such as catalogue discounts, shipping offers and product coupons were implemented. Extending Kentico’s back-office capability, cross-sell and upsell opportunities have been maximised and discounts and promotions are readily synchronised to both the live site and Ryobi’s Google Shopping Feed.  

Bespoke content components created and managed by Kentico’s widget functionality have been introduced, many of which are template agnostic and can be used by Ryobi on any page. 

The site also benefits from two of Kentico’s online marketing features, the first of which is Reporting.  

Aiding the Ryobi marketing team to report back to key stakeholders, custom reports have been created within Kentico. Ranging from eCommerce-based sales and revenue reports to tracking completion of competition entries and form signups, the reporting process has been made much more efficient which has had a hugely positive impact on their business.   

The second Kentico online marketing feature introduced is Activities. As users perform specific actions throughout Ryobi’s website, their activities are logged allowing for a deeper understanding of an individual’s eCommerce journey which highlights what actions a user performs before completing a purchase or abandoning their cart. Armed with this insight, the Ryobi team are equipped to make strategic changes that will improve the experience and drive further revenue for the business. 

Supporting the customer’s purchase journey, API integration with marketing automation platform, Wired Plus, sees emails triggered at specific points in the order process such as payment, shipment and refund. 

Custom integrations were also needed with SAP and Ryobi’s product information (PIM) system to manage their large number of SKUs as well as support the collection and storing of data within a single, secure environment.  

The ability to stage content was also a key requirement of the project which we met to ensure minimal impact on existing Kentico cultures, allowing changes to be thoroughly tested on a UAT environment before publishing to the site once approved.

The Outcome

Successfully launching Ryobi’s first direct-to-consumer eCommerce store, we delivered on time to coincide with their planned promotional activity.  

Now Ryobi is ready for the next phase of their growth journey with a new revenue stream that will bring them closer to the end customer. With ambitious first-year targets, since the site launched Ryobi have already significantly exceeded their goals.

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