The capital’s largest independent networking and business support organisation, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), connects and represents the interests of London businesses. As well as offering members the opportunity to be part of an international trade mission programme, LCCI provide comprehensive services including hosted B2B events, marketing opportunities, legal and HR advice, alongside access to an exclusive London meeting space. They needed an agency that had experience with the complexities of membership organisations, and as a MemberWise recognised supplier, we were a cut above the rest. Using a collaborative approach, the three project teams - LCCI, their CRM partner and NetConstruct – used agile methods to drive success. 

The Project

A new website was needed to showcase LCCI’s extensive offering to potential prospects while also providing portal access for existing members. The principal aim of LCCI is to connect thousands of businesses, resulting in varied membership levels. Due to these tiered levels, each member needs to receive access to different services, something which their portal must be able to cater for.

LCCI required a website that would provide superior customer service while meeting user communication expectations with continuous access. Increasing member acquisition and retention were also key project objectives, requiring personalisation and digital connectivity.

“The introduction of Kentico EMS has enabled the LCCI to streamline each member experience. The Chamber’s services are now effectively made available, offering clearer branding and navigation, bringing clarity to LCCI’s proposition to support the recruitment of new members.”

- Kevin Ma, Director of Marketing, LCCI

The Solution

The tiered membership levels posed a challenge, one that we swiftly overcame with LCCI who rolled out a highly customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM in parallel to the Kentico build. The new CRM streamlined the membership management process which includes organisations, contacts, events, payments and transactions. This helped reduce complexity, saving time and improving member satisfaction.

Kentico EMS (Enterprise Marketing Solution) attributes were implemented, enabling the client to leverage personalisation features and effectively manage the complex membership programme. LCCI can now tailor communications for each membership level while regularly sending relevant marketing emails. Changing the way they target, segment and communicate aimed to improve member acquisition and retention.

Key to project success was close collaboration between our team, LCCI and their CRM partner. When working on complex integration projects, we understand the importance of a group working as a single unit. Our experience managing multiple stakeholders from different organisations ensured we were driving efficiencies where possible.

The Outcome

The ability to manage membership details as well as payments and transactions through Kentico’s Registration and Membership capabilities has reduced the complexities LCCI face in keeping on top of their membership programme. As a result, LCCI can save valuable time, reduce errors and improve overall member satisfaction through a streamlined process.

  • 250% increase in online membership applications
  • 200% increase in page views and time spent on site
  • 350% increase in social engagement, attributed to the homepage twitter feed

We continue to work iteratively and in close partnership with the LCCI team, following a programme of active development. UX and creative improvements occur on a monthly basis with this partnership being a great example of how we push clients post launch to ensure they always get the most from their website investment.

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