Part of the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Emergency Planning College (EPC) are the leading home of resilience learning and development in the UK. Over the past 20 years, EPC have built operations in 26 countries, promoting good practice, collaboration and continuous improvement. However, their proposition has since evolved to heavily support the private sector on a global basis, and their website was no longer doing them justice.

Repositioning themselves as thought leaders in the market, they wanted to emphasise their international presence. NetConstruct were the ideal partner to support EPC with the next step in their journey.

The Project

Brand positioning was particularly important to EPC. Although already recognised as the trusted public sector training provider, they had bigger ambitions to attract private sectors. 

A premium platform was required for a professional target audience. Their website needed to be capable of reflecting their authoritative industry position, allowing them to compete with large industry players while appealing to both public and private sectors.

Legacy site elements were also making the user experience a difficult one to navigate which became a key project consideration. Seamlessly migrating everything from the old site, we needed to ensure it worked within the new site design and the Kentico platform.

The Solution

The UX process formed a comprehensive part of the project. Working collaboratively with EPC, we could better understand their target audience which allowed us to organise their information architecture and content design to support key users. 

To overcome legacy issues, we restructured and rebuilt the site, moving EPC from Kentico 8 to the more reliable platform of Kentico MVC. Throughout the UX process we found the navigation was hindering their site. To support EPC in positioning themselves as a thought leader, we needed to ensure their material was readily available to users which meant simplifying how the site is navigated.

Reflecting how users browse, we enhanced their resource hub while also condensing their onsite content to encourage engagement from users. Promoting their inhouse services and consultancy, the booking section became a focal point of the navigation while their ‘Global Reach’ is promoted through the secondary navigation.

As part of the migration, we provided bespoke CMS training to their internal team ensuring they were well equipped at navigating their new website.

The Outcome

EPC have a new website that matches their premium brand proposition. Rebuilding the site on Kentico MVC and working to solve user interface issues, their internal team and customers now have an easy to navigate site, no matter the browser or device. EPC are well positioned to compete with key players in the private sector space and build upon their reputation as thought leaders in the market.

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