Everbuild, the UK’s leading adhesive and building chemicals brand, wanted to deliver a best-in-class digital experience for their B2B merchant audience. Having refined their core product range over 30 years, they needed their online presence to reflect their impressive offline presence.  

Limited by a restrictive WordPress site, they needed a fully editable solution that would put them back in the driving seat. Our extensive experience in replatforming combined with the power of Kentico Xperience 13, made us the ideal partner to support them in the next stage of their journey.

The Project

With clearly defined project objectives, Everbuild wanted to outperform user expectations with a slick and simple online experience that would increase time spent onsite, alongside increasing online orders and engagement through their dedicated merchant portal.  

Significant discovery work that touched all business departments was needed to understand their requirements and audience. This helped us to determine a robust project scope. 

The core project challenge centred around Everbuild’s internal bespoke UNIX system. Unable to handle real-time data, getting access to the data was key. With future plans to introduce a new PIM system, consideration for how their Kentico Xperience solution would work with a different system was needed.

The Solution

To support the required system architecture, a customised implementation of Kentico eCommerce was needed. This included a dedicated merchant portal able to handle information transfer at volume from UNIX. Custom modules were used to meet complex merchant, product and pricing structure needs and deliver a best-in-class user experience. 

Account functionality with user login and registration created a secure merchant portal where personal details could be updated. Merchants can also order online, as well as view their order history, reorder and save items for later. For transparent shipping costs, the checkout was built to include single fixed price delivery costs with shipping calculated based on the address and products ordered.  
With a strong offline presence, Everbuild’s brand was translated to digital to create a beautiful and modern experience. Subtle interactions, scrolling movements and hover states are complemented by striking imagery.  

Offering multiple user journeys, UX was improved through better content categorisation and the use of a navigation that follows the user throughout their browsing experience.  

Careful consideration was given to the engaging presentation of technical information and cross-format content can be displayed on the homepage. Product comparisons and resource downloads have also been made available with the addition of pop ups for ease of access, alongside an editorial-like resources section which contributes to a slick experience. 

Helping to direct users to the products they want, we ensured that search is always accessible and the addition of Microsoft Azure further improved search functionality with faceted filtering. Introducing a stockist finder, a postcode look-up supports an interactive map enabling non-trade users to search for merchants by location. 

Page builder and content editor widgets provide Everbuild’s team with greater flexibility through a library of widgets that can be used anywhere onsite.

The Outcome

Delivering a frictionless experience, the time to order online has been significantly reduced and account management enquiries have lessened as customers are able to fulfil more of their needs through the dedicated merchant portal. 

Everbuild have achieved their target of 20% of all orders now going through the site and the number of new accounts created online has increased significantly.  

Additionally, the Everbuild team are reaping the benefits as they’re now able to create their own campaign pages built from the available content widgets without the need to involve an agency. This delivers significant time savings and frees up budget for further iterative improvements to the website.

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