Building in proven web technologies, our aim is to help keep your business ahead of the competition while delivering stable and secure website solutions.

Able to take on web projects at any stage of development, consider us an extension of your in-house team. We will work with you to meet your project objectives with our streamlined development processes that reduce the risk to your business.

Developing Your Website

Our approach to developing your website is adaptable and collaborative.

Removing the line between frontend and backend development to create seamless digital experiences, our UI engineers and system developers are empowered to work together. Taking this one step further, we work alongside your internal teams to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

While we’re in our element when it gets technical, we speak plain English. Not ones to hide behind the jargon, our developers are happy to speak to you directly and answer any questions you may have.

Planning For Success  

The success of your website development begins at the research and discovery phase. Completing workshops and prioritisation exercises allows us to identify which development areas are essential for your project to succeed.

Taking this approach helps us to form a complete functional specification. Our Solutions and UI Architects produce this, taking the creative outputs and content models from the design phase before coupling them with your functional, content and integration requirements.

Taking A Phased Approach

So that you really get the most from your investment, we want to ensure any and all improvements made to your website benefit your business both now and in the long term.

Taking a phased approach means we can advise you on the quickest and most appropriate development route to get you from A to B. An effective way of working, this is something we often do with our clients.

Benefits Of A Phased Approach

  • Deliver functionality in manageable phases
  • Minimise risk at every stage
  • See real-business impact before taking the next step
  • Start getting an ROI on your work earlier

Futureproofing Your Website

An outdated CMS could hamper your online success. With many platforms available, each with its own merit, selecting the right CMS for your business can be a minefield. Getting it wrong could prove costly.

That’s why we take an agnostic approach, considering your business and audience needs first to identify what technology is best suited to helping you meet this.

With decades of experience with numerous technologies, from progressive solutions such as a headless CMS to a traditional CMS, we’ll help you make the right technology choice for your business.

Hassle-Free CMS Upgrades

Ensuring your CMS platform is kept up to date with current software is key to safeguarding your investment. Keeping pace with CMS upgrades ensures your site is up to date with the latest security patches, reducing your technical debt while making maintenance and simple changes less costly.

Our developers have honed their skills to optimise the upgrade process. Minimising disruption and downtime, we can recognise oversights by the CMS platforms and know the common pitfalls.

Complex Systems Integrations

A bad integration will negatively impact your business, from downtime to an inability to scale and slow processes.

But the need to integrate your website with other systems is key to delivering a seamless experience for your audience and streamlining internal processes for your business.

We have extensive experience in handling integrations. Regardless of the integration scenario, our solutions are architected to ensure that security, resilience and performance are never compromised.

  • Support from the off: Depending on what you need, before your project even begins, we can support you with our consultancy.
  • Technology review: Analysing your existing implementation, we’ll run a tech review to identify disconnects between your systems. This process flags any risks or questions allowing us to define a functional and technical specification.
  • Open communication channels: Things can quickly go off track if you don’t stay in touch. We’re keen to establish channels of communication between the necessary parties and are willing to engage directly from the get-go.
  • Integration tests: Implementing integration tests allow us to identify interoperability problems before go-live. Ensuring systems can effectively ‘talk’ to one another, we can resolve issues before they reach your website.

Complete Technology & Performance Audit

With a passion for UX and UI development, we’re up to date and practice the latest web standards.

An in-depth review of your entire CMS solution can protect the investment you’ve made in your website. Our audits are expansive, covering everything from code quality to how well your site is structured to ensuring best practice has been followed.

Supporting Services

  • Code Audit
  • Site Structure Review
  • Technology Optimisation
  • Front-End Audit

Release Management & Deployments

Following the industry standard workflow, GitFlow, to manage our website source code and release processes allows us to develop features and manage code in different environments.

Coupled with automated build and release pipelines, we can deploy to various environments without manual intervention from our developers. Not only does this increase our productivity, it also eliminates human error and minimises downtime.


Quality assurance (QA) is central to our development processes and is undertaken continuously throughout this phase of the project.

A number of testing techniques are used to ensure early identification of defects. Browser and device testing is also a major part of our QA. As each browser renders HTML / CSS differently, we work to ensure visual quality across all.

“NetConstruct’s process of development is a well-oiled machine, supported by a great team in all aspects of web development; covering, design, management, development, support, and technical expertise.”

- Anil Govind, Head of Marketing, VP Groundforce

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