Umbraco Headless: Introducing Heartcore

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What is Umbraco Heartcore? 

Heartcore is the new SaaS CMS delivered via Umbraco Cloud, empowering businesses to provide a seamless online experience across channels. This solution comes with a set of API endpoints, enabling you to de-couple content control from the front-end user interface and distribute content through Umbraco to a variety of platforms, channels and devices. As a result, it becomes easier to refresh the site design without having to re-implement the whole CMS.  

How does Umbraco Heartcore work? 

A headless CMS allows you to create content in parallel with development work, generating increased efficiency and project management. The easy-to-use dashboard is used for creating and updating content, as such, you can rely less on developers, helping reduce both time and expenditure. With multiple editors able to work on the site at any one time, collaboration is encouraged, providing a single content repository for an omnichannel approach. With Heartcore, you are well equipped to create and manage content in the back-office before using the API endpoints to distribute content wherever you want.  

Why should you use a headless CMS? 

Headless CMS’ are fast becoming the industry standard to futureproof and streamline content creation. By separating the front-end and back-end development, cross-team collaboration is encouraged, allowing for real-time work between the different teams. A ‘headless’ approach provides higher flexibility with faster development and deployment speeds.  

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we have extensive experience building in Umbraco having developed powerful, immersive sites for PeabodyCircuit and Kier. If you are looking to future-proof your technology stack by going headless, contact the team at NetConstruct to talk more about Umbraco’s Heartcore offering.  

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