New website launch for MBA Polymers

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MBA Polymers are global leaders in plastic recycling and part of the EMR Group. They originally approached us in 2017 looking for a partner to help them complete a site re-skin and content improvements. The project has undergone a series of improvements over the last three years due to changes in internal priorities. These changes have had a positive impact on the project in the long-run as we have been able to launch a site that supports MBA Polymers in their future business objectives.

This project was a real team effort from our front-end and design teams, as well as our head of client technology and client services teams. The team implemented a series of design and UI improvements as well as a larger hosting piece to maintain the stability of the site. Project launches can be complex at the best of times to ensure everything goes to plan. But, the additional pressure of the entire team working in lockdown added a level of complexity. However, we’re pleased to say everything went smoothly and the new site is live and looking fantastic. 

A massive well done to everyone involved in the project!

Check out the website here:

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