Joining The Digital Industry With NetConstruct: An Interview With Alice Boddy

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Before joining NetConstruct, Alice had no previous digital experience. Five months in and she’s already gained her first promotion from Client Services Administrator to Account Executive and is taking her new role in her stride.

We chatted with Alice to find out more about her experience of joining the team, her role and what she’s looking forward to in her future at NetConstruct.

Tell me about your role at NetConstruct

I came in as a Client Services Administrator which involved supporting the client services team, it was a half admin role/half client facing. But now I've progressed into a new role as an Account Executive which is exciting. So again, I’m supporting the team, but I have my own projects now.

That promotion happened after my three-month probation review. My role when I joined was very general and I've never worked in a digital job before, so it was tailored to what I was most interested in. For example, Claire asked me what I wanted to do more of, and I said I wanted to be more client facing and then a couple of days later, I was offered the promotion!

Tell me more about joining the digital world

I'd never even worked in an office before. I was a professional dancer so there's no similarities at all. It's been great because it has very much been learning on the job and before I started, I was quite nervous because I thought I don't have a degree and I don't have any experience.

But, when you come into it, everyone's so supportive and I quickly realised that even the people that have been here years don't know everything. Everyone has been great with my questions - I have a lot of them! And there's always been someone there to answer them so there was no need to worry at all.

How have your first few months as part of the team been?

They've been great and they've flown by - I can't believe I've been here nearly four months now! From a work perspective, it has always been balanced and varied and I think that I'm very fortunate to be in a really great team.

But also from a personal side, I love going into the office when everyone’s there and it makes me feel much more confident in the work I'm doing. Every month is different so it's always interesting. I think sometimes it's hard to stay motivated when we're working from home, but they've kept it very varied and slowly given me more responsibility.

How have you found the training with it being remote?

It has worked really well. I had a good induction plan, and it was super scheduled so for my first two weeks I had a complete overview and they made sure I saw every aspect of the company whether I was going to be involved in it or not.

As time has gone on, they have allocated a couple of people to me who book in time with me, and I also have a catch up every week with my line manager when I can tell them I'm not feeling very confident with this, but I feel good with this. And then they will tailor my next week according to that.

What attracted you to the role at NetConstruct?

I think I was quite lucky because I kind of fell into applying for this job. Due to the pandemic, the job I had been doing before just wasn't coming back and I was at a point where I wanted to do something new. I knew someone who worked elsewhere in the IDHL Group, and I applied for a different role which I didn't get but they thought I would be a good company fit so I was sent other job specs that they thought I might have been interested in.

I got sent four different job specs and when I read this one, I thought I’ve done some things that link to this role, and I felt confident that I actually have some of the skills already. When I interviewed, they were very honest and said this is a new role for us as well, so you'll have the freedom to mould it with us, which was really exciting.

The whole experience was so positive, and the recruitment team were great. I loved the fact that every time they rang me after an interview the first thing they asked was “how was it for you?”. It very much felt two-way and I've never that before with a job. I felt like the recruitment team valued your time and got back to you straight away as well. Even in the interview, it was very much just conversations and quite often not even massively about the job. It felt like they just wanted to see what I was like as a person. It felt much more personal than just a list of questions they ran through with me.

Plus, at NetConstruct, a lot of people have been there for multiple years so it's a good sign that people don't want to leave.

How have you found it working remotely in a new role?

I've not always found it easy working from home, but I think they’ve set it up well, especially my first couple of weeks. I was always shadowing and involved with stuff, and I definitely see the benefits of working from home, but I really like being in the office too.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your time at NetConstruct so far?

I just think every aspect of the company is ridiculously positive. Although I've not come from this world, I've grown up around it and a lot of my family work in digital marketing. When I speak to them about my job, it makes me realise just how lucky I am to work where I do.


We currently have a number of vacancies we are recruiting for. If the digital industry is new to you, just like it was for Alice, and you want to find out more about the opportunities available and life at NetConstruct, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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