It’s The End of an Era for the name ‘NetConstruct’ But the Start of Something Great

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Laura Jones

Since our inception in 1995, we’ve been no strangers to change. The digital landscape has evolved, regenerated, and grown exponentially since we first stepped into the game. From the vision of one man leading the way to becoming part of one of the fastest-growing digital agency groups, our journey has been anything but boring.  
Now, once more, we’re looking to shake things up. 2024 looks set to be our most transformational year yet and we’re excited to take the next step in our story.  
But, before we dive right into to our next chapter, we thought it would be nice to take a little walk down memory lane. Because, sometimes, to see how far you’ve come, you have to go back... 

Where we’ve come from and where we’re going 

Created by David Bentley in 1995, we began as small team of web development savants. Working together as a tight-knit group, we grew from strength to strength, earning ourselves a name as one of the best website development agencies in the north. And, after 18 years building our own legacy, it was time to start a new one.  
In 2013, we were acquired by idhl, a two-agency strong group consisting of Ingenuity Digital and The World Marketing Group (WMG). With a successful search and performance marketing offering, their acquisition of our web agency symbolised the group’s desire to broaden their reach in the digital landscape. As their first foray into web development services, NetConstruct set the scene for their expansion across multiple online services.  
At the time, Dennis Engel (former CEO, now idhl Group CEO) had this to say on the news “With further acquisitions currently being planned, it represents the next step towards IDH becoming one of the largest full-service digital agencies in the UK.” 
Since 2013, agencies Pinpoint, equation, Statement, Ampersand and Fostr all joined the roster alongside NetConstruct. Each brought to the group their own unique selling point, from paid media expertise to a dedicated Shopify team – Dennis’ vision of dominating the digital landscape became a reality.  
We’ve stimulated incredible growth and achievements with idhl. From increasing our team from 27 to 152 to landing some incredible clients like TTi, London Chamber of Commerce and VP Plc, our commitment to continuous improvement has been clear for all to see.  

Embracing change  

Now, 11 years since we joined idhl, our next wave of growth is upon us. With a new CEO at the helm, we are embracing our biggest change yet, as the idhl network of agencies come together to become one powerhouse.  
As with all good things in life, transformation takes time. Never ones to do things by half, this latest chapter for NetConstruct and idhl won’t take place overnight. Instead, over the next three months, the seeds of change will be planted. So, watch this space as we begin our next journey and look to combine our shared expertise, accelerating growth for brands online.  
At idhl, we don’t let our ambition stand still. Neither should yours.  
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