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When Selecting a Web Development Agency

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Joe Bloggs - Writer & Marketer
Joe BloggsWriter & Marketer

Unfortunately, there comes a time where you may have to find a new web development agency. Maybe the relationship with your incumbent agency is tired and it’s time to try a new approach, or you’re concerned they may cease providing your services and you could be left without support. Or perhaps you simply want to build a new website.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or building upon your existing site, web projects are time-consuming and often expensive. If you already have an existing website that you’ve invested time, money and effort into building, how do you switch to a new agency without risking everything you’ve been working towards?

The complexities and challenges of deciding which web agency to switch to shouldn’t hold you back. Completing thorough research and equipping yourself with relevant knowledge can make the process less stressful, while also helping you make the right agency choice for your business. Keep reading to find out what you should consider.

1) Look for a market leader

Ensure your next agency is an expert in their platform(s) of choice. One thing that will make the choice significantly easier, is the peace of mind that your new agency really knows what they’re doing with the proposed CMS platform.\n \n It’s worth doing your research to understand which platform your potential agency specialises in, see what their qualifications are and their experience working with that platform. For example, relevant certifications and a close working relationship with the vendor showcases expertise and specialism. These factors should be seen as credibility stamps, highlighting the agency’s investment to keep up to date with technology and continuously improve their employees’ skills and knowledge.\n \n We’re experts in both Kentico Xperience and Umbraco. It is this choice to specialise in just two systems that means we can keep pace with advancements, ensuring your business benefits from the latest in web design and development. Working with two different platforms also allows us to pinpoint the right one for you based on your goals, guaranteeing it's the perfect fit from the get-go.\n

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Finding an agency who is trusted by high-profile brands is a good sign, but also consider their experience with your specific requirements.

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1) Look for a market leader

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