Following more than 5 years of development, Umbraco 8.0 is finally here! The latest release sees the addition of exciting new features as well as an extensive overhaul and simplification of the entire platform. The full-featured Open Source CMS platform currently runs 1,000s of websites for businesses across the UK and has built its reputation as being the ‘friendly CMS’.

What’s New?

Umbraco have announced three exciting new features as part of the Umbraco 8.0 launch and a long overdue clean-up of the codebase to make using Umbraco even quicker and easier than before.

Infinite Editing: 

Working with content in Umbraco is better than ever with the introduction of streamlined editing experiences for developers and content editors. Infinite Editing allows content to be updated from a single editing flow and customised intuitive flows enable adaptive and modern content creation.

Editors can edit content and media in one place without having to click in and out of the CMS. Providing control into every content element, the possibilities are limitless.

Language Variants: 

With site internationalisation becoming more common, Umbraco have launched a set of tools to make it quicker and easier to support multiple content language variations in one project.

These new tools, which will simplify how developers update multilingual content onsite directly in Umbraco, include:

  • Switching between previews in various languages for easy site comparisons
  • Side-by-side mode for editing two pieces of content at once
  • Mandatory language configurations to define content node publications
  • Content variation rules to publish content across multiple languages or limit it to specific locations

Content Apps: 

Strengthening their focus on content, Content Apps make it possible to create, edit, update and publish customisable content in Umbraco. The tool allows feedback during content creation and performance stats against published content, acting as a content companion to provide tips and suggestions to optimise content and makes it quicker and easier to publish engaging content.

The new framework enables developers to build their own app and make it available as an Umbraco extension. A Content App can include anything related to content creation such as analytics integrations, support tools and workflow support.

Codebase Clean Up: 

Following a clean up of the existing codebase, development in Umbraco is a lot less complicated and easier to extend. Legacy code has been removed, allowing developers to take advantage of the latest Umbraco technologies.

Providing a flexible simple and time saving solution, package users and developers no longer need to rely on time-heavy hacks or workarounds to install and uninstall packages.

The launch of Umbraco 8.0 marks the start of the transition from Umbraco 7.0, with creation of new sites in Umbraco 7 on Umbraco Cloud ending on the 31st August 2019, and support of the platform until 30th September 2023.

For more information about Umbraco 8.0 or a migrating an existing Umbraco site, contact us today to discuss your requirements. As an Umbraco Certified Partner, our team of dedicated, experienced Umbraco developers are happy to help.

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