We are delighted to announce, our very own Richard Shackleton has been named one of Kentico’s 2020 MVPs. The MVP program acknowledges those individuals who have gone above and beyond to help others in the Kentico community, sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Richard was hand selected by Kentico’s MVP committee from hundreds of developers, CTOs, directors and business owners from across the community.

In addition to being an advocate for Kentico and Gatsby within NetConstruct, Richard has also created his own online blog - https://rshackleton.co.uk/. Here he shares insightful content, helping other developers leverage the functionalities of Gatsby with Kentico Kontent. His topics vary from ‘Using Gatsby Image with Kentico Kontent’ to ‘Implementing search with Gatsby and Algolia’, and ‘Learning about Gatsby schema customisation with Kontent.ai’.

Richard joined NetConstruct eight years ago straight out of university. Since then, he has worked his way up the development team becoming UI Team Lead, honing his skills in front-end development and building a presence within the Kentico community.

Ondrej Polesny, Developer Evangelist at Kentico and member of the MVP Committee said:

“Richard has done a great job helping us with the implementation of Gatsby source plugin, he has been active around Gatsby including publishing articles and providing valuable feedback to our product managers. But most important of all – he is enthusiastic about both Kentico (EMS and Kontent) and new technologies and is keen on extending his online presence and visibility.”

Chetan Mistry, Development Director at NetConstruct commented:

"Earlier this year our UI Architect, Richard Shackleton, became our very first Kentico MVP!  Richard has been developing solutions with the Kentico platform since version 4.x, sharing his knowledge via his blog and other channels for the last eight years.

Most recently he has led the community with a series of articles on how Kentico Kontent, Gatsby and React can be used together to provide a true headless CMS platform. A fantastic achievement - well done Richard!"

This is a fantastic achievement for Richard who was named an Official Kentico Kontent contributor only a few months ago as well. Well done from all of us at NetConstruct!

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