A yearly event, Kentico Connection returned to Brno to share exciting updates with their pool of partners. We sent along some of our talented developers and our Managing Director, Jonathan Healey, who returned home with some of their top takeaways from the event… 

1) Xperience by Kentico is leading the way  

With the new platform announced over a year ago at Kentico Connection, it comes as no surprise that Xperience by Kentico was the core focus of this year’s event. It was great for us to see the growth of the product and the tremendous work that has gone into creating this new platform. Almost ready to roll out and serve clients, it was exciting to see just how much Xperience by Kentico has developed.  

Throughout the conference we were given some insight into their roadmap and what work is in the pipeline. While there are some resources online that discuss the roadmap, we were given a more detailed breakdown of what the future of Xperience is, and the future looks bright. As a partner, we were able to gain a greater understanding of where Xperience is headed and how we can pick this up with our clients directly. 

2) The migration toolkit  

Migrating your site from one platform to the other isn’t something any brand necessarily looks forward to but is unavoidable when looking to develop and scale your website. Kentico understands this frustration and has created a migration toolkit to support businesses as they make the move to Xperience by Kentico.  

Even more interesting, there looks to be potential scope for this kit to be used across other platforms, not just Kentico to Kentico.  

3) Changing the licensing model 

Omni-channel isn’t simply a buzzword. It’s something that brands must tap into if they want to continue to reach customers or their audience. Understanding that a website alone isn’t enough in this multi-channel world, Kentico are adapting their licensing model to focus on channels.  

While there are some questions surrounding ‘what constitutes a channel’, this is an exciting step for Kentico to take and shows their commitment to ensuring they’re delivering a platform that can roll with the changing tides. 

4) Structure of content and content types 

Constantly looking to improve their offering, Xperience by Kentico looks at how content is structured and how schemas are shared across the platform. Providing a new level of flexibility on their platform, this will allow us to leverage the CMS in ways that will help clients and make their lives much easier.  

5) New demo site  

Finally, Kentico announced their new demo site. Previously, Dancing Goat has been the go-to for developers to showcase sample sites. Upping their game, Kentico has now introduced KBank, to demonstrate the features of the new platform including the use of channels. This new demo site is an advancement from previous demo sites, bringing a more relevant and professional experience to users not familiar with Kentico’s products.  

The unveiling of this latest demo tool showcases Kentico’s continued commitment to helping their partners, and their clients, make the most of their platform.  

NetConstruct and Kentico  

As a Kentico Gold Partner, we’re dedicated to helping our clients make the most of the platform and harness its potential. We have over 20 years of experience helping brands excel in the digital space and have worked on countless Kentico websites to help clients achieve digital success.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about Xperience by Kentico and how the new platform can support your business online, get in touch.  


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