What is a headless content management system? 

Differing from traditional CMS, open source headless CMS provides the freedom to build powerful cross-channel experiences by de-coupling content control from the front-end user interface. Fast becoming the industry standard for future-proofing and streamlining content creation, headless CMS’ encourage cross-team collaboration. 

Splitting out the front-end and back-end development functions allows for real-time collaboration between marketing teams and developers. Working on content creation and development simultaneously, a ‘headless’ approach improves development and delivery timescales. 

Features of Headless CMS software

Flexible Development

Integrating with a range of development platforms, headless CMS acts as a multi-tenant SaaS, delivering the back-end performance, security and upgrades you need.

Responsive Deployment

As the way we digest content evolves, the need for responsive development increases. Headless acts as a dynamic content hub, delivering engaging and responsive experiences across multiple channels. 

Cross-Team Collaboration

Developers and marketers can work side-by-side on content editing and development. With an intuitive user interface, stakeholders from across the business can all contribute.  

Content First

Providing a centralised solution enables content-editors to work separately to development, writing, uploading and editing content directly to blocks that pull through to the website.

Media Library

Backed by a CDN (Content delivery network), the media library provides a singular solution to manage all of your media efficiently. 

Benefits of Headless CMS systems

  • A single content repository for an omnichannel approach  
  • Higher flexibility with faster development and deployment speeds  
  • Optimised for scalability with no upgrade path to worry about
  • Create content in parallel with development, allowing for greater efficiency and project management  
  • Take advantage of the benefits of the JAMstack and MACH ecosystem - launch a website with unbeatable performance, higher security and distributed delivery 
  • Futureproof your technology stack by making it API first and therefore easier to refresh the design without having to re-implement the whole CMS  

What is the best Headless CMS platform?

This answer simply comes down to your business needs, project requirements and budget. As a web agency with over 20+ years’ experience, we have built web solutions on a variety of different headless CMS platforms so can help identify the right headless CMS solution for you.

Through our Technology Scoping Workshop, we will work collaboratively with you to learn about your business needs and website requirements before identifying which platform will work best for you.  

Recent platforms our headless CMS agency has worked with include:

  • Kontent.ai (Previously known as Kentico Kontent)
  • Sanity
  • Contentful

Whether you’re in the public sector looking to switch platforms or are a retailer looking for an eCommerce headless CMS solution, we have the skills and processes in place to find the best software for you:

“We approached NetConstruct to discuss a replacement content management system (CMS). At the time we were unsure which CMS would be the best fit for us and wanted advice on the best options before we made a commitment. The [three day] workshop proved to be very valuable... I would thoroughly recommend working with them.” - David West, Head of Communities and Operations at The Business Continuity Institute

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